The selkov decade ahead

What was left unsaid in the Grand Challenge submission of 2014

It was a particularly difficult and observationally driven exercise to enter the Grand Challenge as regards enteric immune insult.

What was not said in the small mission statement was that, in fact, the interior relatinships of clostridium botulinum and streptococci s are now defined. Consider the potent chemistry of the most deadly substance. How does the pathogen isolate that product?
Enter streptococci…..the grouping in view with a ruminant mutation uptake directly adjacent in genetic residue set *observed in ebov, agl 73453.1.

Much of the Kegg, toolbar prodctivity of modern molecular tools is shaped by observation of like (objects in residue).
The advantage of a tool that shapes active interior is much more forward thinking, and while a bit radical, in combonational end use, is far ahead of many of tools lacking the fine foci and interior mutation uptake as view available, not seen in Kegg and the quantifieid annotation.


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